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Write1Sub1 Week 9



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On to week 9. This week is supposed to be my steampunk series, but I’ve had to adjust my ambition. Triangulation slush reading is taking too much time.

Saturday: For Week 9  I’ve chosen to target a flash fiction prompt contest at Shock Totem. It’s a very well respected market and I do like my flash prompts.


Fiction: We consider original, unpublished stories within the confines of dark fantasy and horror—mystery, suspense, supernatural, morbid humor, fantasy, etc. Stories must have a clear horror element. We’re looking for short stories up to 5,000 words (firm).

Nonfiction: We want journalism, well-researched and emotionally compelling nonfiction about real horrors—disease, poverty, addiction, etc. We will also consider work on other, relative subjects within the confines of dark fantasy and horror.

Flash Fiction: We interested in tightly woven flash fiction, 1,000 words or less.

Microfiction: To avoid blank pages in future issues, we’re now looking for very short flash pieces, 200 words or less.

WHAT WE DO NOT WANT:We’re not interested in hard science fiction, epic fantasy (swords and sorcery), splatterporn (blood and guts and little more), or clichéd plots. Clichéd themes are okay. We don’t mind stories about zombies or serial killers or vampires, but please make the overall piece unique. If the plot has been worked to death we will likely not consider it, no matter how well it is written. No fan fiction.

Sunday: Triangulation Slushython

Monday: Triangulation Slushython. I sent a few stories off to market (after some minor edits)

Tuesday: Triangulation Slushython, plus moderating duties at Show Me Your Lits. I did write my weekly stories (“A Bird in the Hand” and “The Bones of the Founders”).

Wednesday: I didn’t get much done today, unfortunately. I did come up with an interesting short story idea, but not for this week, alas. I plan to write my Shock Totem flash draft tomorrow.

Thursday: A relatively unproductive day. I stared at the Shock Totem prompt for a while and talked over several ideas with Sue. I do have a good one in mind, but need to get these characters more firmly entrenched in my psyche. Then I’ll need that damned first sentence to get me going. 🙂

Friday: I helped Sue work through her current story this morning. That’s getting close now. The rest of the day has been Triangulation slush and some Show Me Your Lits reading.



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