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As I receive contracts and final edits from authors, I’ll post a teaser from their story here and on our Facebook page.  You know where to get the rest, right? Comments are welcome.

The Gold in the Straw


by Amanda C. Davis

The first time it happens you wake up with your head on a stack of spun gold, your fingertips bleeding from clawing through bales of straw, and your mother’s ring is gone. So is the straw. The spinning wheel is still there, though. Gold thread weeps from the spindle.

The prince comes in and you stand up and dust straw from your apron and hold out your arms: Ta-da! Maybe your father wasn’t just boasting after all.

But it wasn’t you who turned this stable into a treasury. How could it be? The dwarf did it. The dwarf that you saw only dimly: the evil little thing, the ugly twisted monster that saved your life.

So, why did we take this story? We’re not fans of second person, yet we were unanimous fans of this story. It utilizes its viewpoint to great effect and takes a well known fairy tale to some quite interesting places. Yum. The original was 1300 words; final edit is 1300 words.

Tune in tomorrow for our next tease. The full Table of Contents is here.


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