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As I receive contracts and final edits from authors, I’ll post a teaser from their story here and on our Facebook page.  You know where to get the rest, right? Comments are welcome.



by Desmond Warzel

In 1585, the first English settlement in North America, the Virginia Colony, was established on the island of Roanoke, in present-day North Carolina. Food shortages, coupled with the enmity of most of the nearby indigenous tribes, forced the settlers to flee back to England. In 1587, a second group of colonists arrived; suffering the same troubles as their predecessors, they convinced their governor, John White, to sail to England for help, and prayed that they would survive until his return.


The Disposition of the Plantation at Roanoack

Written by Master Ananias Dare. 1587.

It had been the Assumption of all of our Partie, that our Historie would one Day be set down by Master John White, our esteemed Governour and the Father of my dear Wife, Elyoner, his Eloquence being held in such great Esteem by all; however, Fate has commanded otherwise, and, tho’ I be unworthy, it falls to me to record recent Events of an unusual Nature, that those who follow us to this Country, and Master White in Particular, do not despair of our Whereabouts.

So, why did we take this story?  This one was so different from anything we had seen that we had to scratch our collective heads a bit. It is not an easy read, but rewards the effort with an ingenious alternate (perhaps) history. In the end 3 of 4 editors signed on and we gave the green light for a rewrite addressing some issues of escalation and clarity. Desmond came through with a very nice tweak of the original and it’s now an integral part of the anthology.  The original was 4900 words;  final edit is 4950 words.

Tune in tomorrow for our next tease. The full Table of Contents is here.

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