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As I receive contracts and final edits from authors, I’ll post a teaser from their story here and on our Facebook page.  You know where to get the rest, right? Comments are welcome.

To Give the Perfect Dewdrop


Dawn Lloyd

He created me to find dewdrops for his home on the star, and I can think of no greater joy than to present him with the perfect dewdrop—pure, round, smooth. Beyond that, I have only one wish. A selfish one. I wish for wings so that I might carry the dewdrops to him myself, hear him say, “Well done, my servant.”

In the weeks that he fashioned me, I watched dimly as he molded my legs from saplings growing by the cliff, my arms from currents eddying at the river’s edge, my hair from the spiderwebs that gleamed in the early dawn. When he finished and waved for the wind to lift me high, I asked for wings.

So, why did we take this story?  The concept enchanted all four of us, but most of us had problems with a lack of story arc. Great idea that went to a good place, but the middle didn’t escalate well enough. We asked for a rewrite and Dawn came through with a revision that delivered a much stronger story experience while preserving the elements we all enjoyed. The original was 1300 words; the rewrite came in at 1400 words;  final edit is 1400 words.

Tune in tomorrow for our next tease. The full Table of Contents is here.

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