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This week I’ve been working behind the scenes to bring the anthology together. The editors melded minds and decided on the final selections. The way we managed this was that we gave each of our four editor/readers an editor’s choice selection from the 16 stories still in hand. After purchasing those four, we had room for another few thousand words, so I collated editor rankings and we collectively took the longer, more ambitious of the top two (which tied). We may also take another flash but we need to put together the table of contents first to see if we need that sort of change of pace. We’re holding two short flash pieces that are pretty good, but need a little work. We should know after June 5, when we meet to discuss the ordering of stories.

Jamie and I split up manuscripts and we’ve made suggested edits, which I am beginning to send out to authors along with the formal contract. I’m finding that I’m mainly focusing on trimming and rearranging openings. We writer types sure seem to be fixated on getting that necessary background in there, even if it means delaying the story. I’m guilty of that too.

The most important development is that we have launched a kickstarter project. One of the founders of Parsec Ink died earlier this year and we’re scrambling a bit to lock in funding to launch the collection. Like priming a pump, is how I see it. We just don’t have enough up front money to launch, but issue sales do eventually break even. This year we hope to do better than that by launching various e-book formats as well as the print anthology. We also hope that people will support the print anthology by purchasing a copy and/or getting the word out through social media and word of mouth. Anyone who likes short speculative fiction should enjoy this collection. Reviewers certainly have these past few years.  We’re proud of the job we do and, particularly of the authors who send us some amazing work.

Please check out our Kickstarter project and spread the word that it exists.  I hope I’ve provided some useful feedback via this blog and the behind the scenes work I do for the anthology. I hope people will see the value of what we do and support the anthology in whatever manner makes sense for them. That’s my wonderful wife in the video by the way.

I’m a crappy self-promoter, unfortunately, though I’ve been trying to do better. For me it’s not about the sales but the work itself. Lousy way to fill a pantry ain’t it?


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