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Yesterday I worked through and edited of one of the stories we accepted.

Pentecost copyedits

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This part is a bit fun, but I do have to balance tucking and nipping and shaping with making sure I don’t get in the way of the author’s voice. The objective here is to bring the story to its full potential, dramatically and grammatically. And do it quickly enough that we can get through the all in a reasonable period so that authors have long enough to react.

Today, I put together our Kickstarter campaign. With luck we’ll be able to raise enough money to finance this baby and use sales from this year to finance next year. Our main benefactor, Ann Cecil, died earlier this year. We miss her for much more than her ability to raise money. It has, however, left a bit of a gap between what we have in hand and what we need to do a first printing. So, we’re going to the creative community in hopes of getting us through the squeeze. If that doesn’t pan out, we’ll find a way, but it won’t be pretty and may well doom the future of the series.

That’s neither here nor there for the moment, except to relate that it took me roughly six hours to put the materials together and I still have one more step to finish up before we can go live. My wife also contributed around 8 hours a few weeks back, creating the marketing video and most of the printed material for the site. We’ll be offering some cool incentives, including a full set of Triangulation anthologies with the Last Contact issue signed by Robert Sawyer, who graciously agreed to help us out. You will not find a more accommodating, enthusiastic and humble SF writer out there. He’s da man in my book.

I did a preliminary edit of a second story tonight and will get that put together and sent off tomorrow. Our two readers have ranked stories for our remaining slots and Jamie and I should finalize that process over the weekend. We have a mild consensus on the top of the list, but it will be interesting to see which stories squeak through as final selections. I already know that a couple of my favorites won’t make the cut. Sad, that, especially since my own stories are so often in that boat (good story, but we just can’t fit it in).

Which reminds me that I’m overdue for a brag page. I’ve had 11 short stories (flashes mostly) accepted in 2011, and to increasingly solid markets. Maybe I’ll get there someday, wherever “there” is.  In the meantime, let’s enjoy the ride in any way we can, eh?


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