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Today, we opened to submissions for Triangulation: Last Contact. While I’m excited to be co-editing the anthology this year, it does remind me of just how much work I have ahead of me, particularly with my commitment to Write1Sub1. It’s mainly going to be a matter of being efficient, which has not been my strong suit of late. That will change because it has to.

A Slush drink

Oooh Slushy

We’ve switched to a new submission system this year (the good folks at submishmash), and I’ll be changing the way I do the SlushyAward. Last year I would read in batches and blog once a week on the experience. I would award a Slushy to the “best” of the week’s slush stories based on my admittedly subjective analysis. Since I plan on reading at a steady pace this year, I’ll blog in smaller batches (as small as one). Instead of a Slushy Award, I’m going to try out the Slush-o-meter, which will rank a story on a scale of 1 to 10, with higher rankings indicating a story that has come close to achieving what I believe it set out to achieve. This doesn’t necessarily indicate that it’s appropriate for the anthology, but I’m hoping it may provide authors with some indication of how their story comes across that divide between minds. Hopefully I’ll be able to include some helpful advice to indicate what worked and didn’t work for me, at least in broad strokes. As before, I will identify story by genre and word count so as to maintain privacy while still making it possible for an author to identify their story discussion, should they wish to do so.

We’ll see how it goes. I figure critiquing slush is a good exercise for me as a writer, and I know how valuable feedback can be to a writer. I’ve been told I give good crit.

Now to update my writing/reading progress for the day.

1. Read stories at Show Me Your Lits.

2. Added 1430 words to the fantasy novel (finally!).  Ironically, what seems to be holding me back the most is my attempt to scavenge prose from the prior version. I’m probably better off just typing onto a blank page, which is ironic since that used to stop me cold. This flash fiction stuff has been a boon in that regard.

3. Submitted a short story and micro fiction to SLAB, a literary journal put out by a local university.

4. Submitted a three line story to SoftCopy. I hope you’ll head over there and Like it if you’re so inclined (i.e. if you do like it, for example – posted as Steve Ramey).

5. Sent a compromise opening for my “Dog Days” story to be published at State of Imagination. Editor was happy with it. (Editors are cool people, right?)

July 12, 2006, Alan DeNiro & Theodora Goss at ...

Theodora Goss, image by gavingrant via Flickr

Finally, a shout out to Theodora Goss. A few precise words about writing. A wonderful perspective and another reason to join us at Write1Sub1 if you’re serious about becoming a writer.


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