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I had this plan, you know, where I was going to write the perfect Writers of the Future story and take down that large prize (and excellent workshop) before moving on to marketing all these lesser stories I’ve built up over the years. It seems, however, that I’m just not capable of writing the perfect Writers of the Future story. This is what we writers call an obstacle.

So, like any classic hero, I decided to go with Plan B, which is, basically, to ignore Plan A, and submit every story I’ve finished to whatever markets seem even remotely likely to be interested in them. I’m up to 18 submissions now, all dutifully logged through Duotrope.

I still have several more ambitious stories to be finished and submitted to the major markets, but I’m no longer holding up the train to polish the locomotive.

There’s a danger in this strategy, though.  Less ambitious stories are easier to write, take less time to write and polish, and are often easier to sell. It’s easy to become ensnared in small press success and lose track of the goal, which is to become the best possible writer I can.

Maybe it won’t come to that. It’s certainly not out of the question that all of these stories will be rejected by the smaller markets. In which case, tune in later for Plan C.


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